Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two Big Ones

Yes, that's what I weigh!!! I just got on my scale and clocked in at two hundred pounds. GOOD LORD!!! I'm only 5'3". It's going to be a long road back to "normal." Whatever THAT is. In all honesty though, I started out just over 160, with about 25-35 excessive pounds to begin with. So while I am HUGE, my weight gain from this pregnancy has not qualified as obscene.

I think the diabetic diet has had a positive impact on my interest in food. I have mostly lost interest in eating and now eat to sustain my pregnancy. There is just no joy at all in this diet. Not for me anyway. I am so sick of protein foods and find myself skipping meals and snacks, just because I can't stomach another serving of cottage cheese, tofu, eggs, cheese or peanut butter. I think I feel really motivated to limit my sweets and such after this pregnancy, for fear that I end up with type II diabetes and have to actually eat this way forever.

My last NST showed mild contracting. I was given Procardia something or other and sent home after that. I guess Turbutaline is normally indicated, but not when you have gestational diabetes. My next NST is on Saturday.

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Equipoise said...

I totally feel your pain. My diet doesn't seem to be quite as restrictive as yours, but eating is no fun when you have to eat a protein with every carb. I want a Coke so bad!!!!! Hang in there! How long do you have?