Tuesday, June 24, 2008

36 Weeks

This photo of my belly does not really do it justice, because of the angle, I think. I will try to post something else, with a better depiction, so you can get the FULL effect!

Today I had another NST, which did go well, as the babies are very reactive and move around enough for me to usually get out of there quickly. The bad thing was that this is my second test in a row (urine test) where they said I had ketones in my urine. And this is only the second time I have ever had it tested, so who knows how long that's been going on. So, apparently, I've been keeping my blood sugar in check with my diet, but at the expense of eating enough. Not good. I will have to call my dietician tomorrow to talk about it and I will have to go over it with the OB, when I see him on Thursday.

Currently, I'm on 875mg., daily, of Amoxicillan, more Prednisone, more Hycodan and more Albuterol. Already I've noticed a reduction in the coughing...again. I'm worried about the Prednisone raising my blood sugar, but I'm also hoping it will help my rash.

I also saw the perinatologist today and found out that the babies are still doing well, getting enough oxygen, have plenty of amnio fluid and she confirmed that my rash does look like a PUPPP rash. The strange thing is that I don't have it all over my stomach, which is where you usually get it. It's mostly on my torso sides, the backs of my thighs and my lower back. Just a teeny bit on my stomach. The babies are estimated to be 5lbs., 12 ozs. and 6 lbs., 2 oz. So my small, 5'3" frame is carting around almost 12 pounds of baby alone. When you add that up to the weight of the placentas, etc. and all the water weight I'm sporting, I don't feel so bad about my 40 pound weight gain. I figure half of it will disappear pretty darned fast. Also, the babies are sitting "very low."

I also asked my perinatologist about the possibility of doing an amnio to see if the babies lungs were mature enough to deliver them early. Originally, this was my OB's suggestion and responce for all the begging and pleading I was doing to get an earlier delivery date than at 38 weeks. The first time I asked the perinatal office about this, I had the stress-case Doctor, who definitely advised against it. (mainly due to having to go through the placenta) Since a few weeks have passed, I asked the laid-back Doctor, who said it was no problem to do it (in spite of the placenta issue), but that they will only do it if my OB is ready to deliver me today or the next day. Apparently, there are some legal issues about them doing this and then not delivering the babies right away. Anyway, I felt stuck in the middle, as she telephoned my OB, who told her to tell me that he would discuss it with me when I come in on Thursday. I call bullshit!!! It was his suggestion and his deal with me that if the perinatal office would do this, he would deliver early. Now he wants to "discuss" it again???? Ugh!!!!

Here is a picture of my foot from last night. Last night I thought this was the worst I've seen the swelling on my feet and legs, but today is even worse.

You can see the huge crease where the leg and foot meet. Also, there is no ankle. And that leg...that leg is HUMONGOUS! Normally, I have veins popping out along the surface of my feet because they're pretty slim. Yikes!


Anita said...

First, you look so thin and small to be carrying twins! Seriously! your arms and legs are THIN!

But that foot picutre? Holy Cankle, Mama! That is some serious edema!!!

You are doing such a great job with these twinies!!

Equipoise said...

I agree, you totally do look skinny to be carrying twins! But I just want to come and rub all that fluid out of your poor feet!!! It will all be over soon, I think you're doing awesome. Keep us updated on the possibility of early delivery!