Friday, June 20, 2008

Could it be PUPPP?

Apparently, I have started to get a few red spots underneath and on the sides of my itchy belly. I noticed that yesterday. Today, when I woke up, I noticed a few more on the outsides of my breasts, underneath my arms...sort of mid-torso. I think what I'm coming down with is a case of PUPPP rash. I guess it wouldn't be such an unusual thing, considering the degree that my stomach has distended. Especially with the edema in my belly. So now, in addition to the extremely painful, waterlogged, lower belly that I can barely stand to touch, I'm going to be blessed with an additional symptom that will make me want to scratch it because it will be itching. Which, by the way, is how I first noticed I was getting a rash...I started itching like crazy!!!!! Ugh...two more weeks and 4 days...oh please come sooner, please come sooner!!!!

1 comment:

Anita said...

When I first read the tit,e I thought it said PUPPY and I thought, now that's just crazy. But PUPPP sounds about as bad, too!

I am actually starting to pull for relief for you very soon!! Instead of holding you up as a role model for healthy twins!!