Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Gastronomic Hit List

Here are a few of the foods/drinks that I am going to waste no time indulging in, after I finally deliver these two babies:

  • 1 entire Lindt, milk chocolate truffle bar (sorry, honey, I'm not sharing this one)!
  • A sushi/sashimi dinner!
  • A meal consisting of brie, french bread, apple wedges and some wine!
  • Haagen Daaz ice cream!
  • Watermelon!
  • A very syrupy, off the fountain, coke or cherry coke!
  • A bowl of cereal, any kind at this point sounds good!
  • Starbucks, grande, mocha espresso...with whip!

It's not a long list, but these are probably the things I've felt most deprived of with this pregnancy...either because it's an off limits item in general or because of the gestational diabetes.

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