Monday, May 05, 2008

Not in the Clear, Like I Thought

So, today was not a great day at the OB office. A couple of weeks ago, they told me they would only call me if my blood glucose test came back too high. I hate that kind of an answer and I've learned my lesson about allowing that kind of responce. From now on, I'm going to make them call me one way or the other. BECAUSE, since they hadn't called me, I thought I was in the clear and passed it. INSTEAD, they had not even received the results from the lab and had to have the lab fax them over while I was there today.

I guess I was allowed to have a reading up to 140, with no worries. It turns out my blood sugar level was 209. So now I have to find time to sit around the lab for 3 hours while they retest me. And you have to sit RIGHT THERE. They don't let you wander away, in case you GET SICK...ugh! My doctor has advised me to stay away from sugar and eat a low carb diet. Something he has been advising me of from the beginning, but which I have ignored.

A typical day's diet might be something like this for me:

Upon waking:
Blueberry toast and tea...maybe a couple of slices

Actual breakfast:
cereal with milk or pancakes or blintzes or waffles and some fruit

carrots dipped in hummus
ice cream
jelly beans
pita chips and tzaziki

maybe a sandwich or some frozen food from trader joes...maybe cereal...cream of wheat with loads of butter and brown sugar...who knows

a lot like lunch, maybe something healthier if Scott is home and I actually cook


My day also consists of eating things I make for Max, but which he later refuses or doesn't finish. Mostly I just graze throughout the day because I can't eat a whole meals worth at once. I can survive off of toast and cereal alone sometimes. Needless to say, I am a carb junkie.

So...we will see what happens when I retake this test on Thursday. I really don't want to have gestational diabetes. No one ever does. But I really, really, don't want to have to deal with this. Ugh!!!!

On a more positive note, my weight gain was only 2 1/2lbs. and that was all baby!!!

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Anita said...

Uh-oh. Well, does it mean that you just really, really have to watch what you eat or do you have to take insulin?