Friday, May 09, 2008

Bellies and Toys

I'm right at the point where it's very, very difficult, if not impossible, to walk around without one of those "home depot" style back braces. Although the brace does little for my back, it does wonders to support this belly, if I position it it just right. It also has straps to help hold the belly up too. Anyway, if I'm going to do any serious standing in the house (like laundry or putting away dishes) I have to wear it. Now I wear it outside the hosue, as well, even though it's not subtle and can't be worn underneath my clothing. I do try to wear a denim jacket over it when it's not too warm out. But it's either that, or forgo the outings altogether, which I am not ready for.

Last night I took Max down to Toys R Us. I wanted to buy a couple of infant baby dolls, to start showing him how we might be treating these babies. We call them by their names; Brooklyn and Shelby. For some reason "his" baby is always Shelby and I get to tend to Brooklyn. Anyway, it was so cute to see him "interacting" with his babies. He loves feeding them, burping them and laying them down to sleep. Today I'm going to let him push them around in the double stroller for a bit.

We also picked up a Spiderman action figure. It seems that Spiderman is popular amongst other kids in his age range. I've been baffled by this, as the only Spiderman exposure there seems to be is completely inappropriate for his age. Yet all these other parents think nothing of it. No concern about the violence, the discourse and certainly not the lack of any educational element.
That being said, I figured he could play with the action figure without having to be exposed to the cartoon or the movie. No big deal.

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