Monday, May 12, 2008

Max Started Pre-school Today

Happy Day for Max! He's been going on and on about starting school. Somewhere he can play with "lots and lots of friends." When I brought him to his classroom, he was already playing before I had a chance to chat with the teachers for a moment. I never had any luck getting him poopy-potty trained, per the rules of the school, but they agreed to see how it goes with him. He was able to poop on command (in a diaper of course) before we left for school this morning. So for two days a week, 4 hour stints, I hope that suffices, for now.

Anyway, in true overly-hormonal-pregnant-mamma-drama, I burst into tears on my way back to the car. It's tough to leave him somewhere like that. As much as he's been driving me crazy lately, it's even more unthinkable to not have him with me.

On the other hand, I'm happy that he's having a really enriching experience. He is hungry for the interaction and he deserves to have his needs met. I've been snapping at him a lot lately, feeling spent and impatient because I'm in such an elevated state of physical stress with this pregnancy. My beautiful little boy doesn't deserve that at all. So even though I feel a little knot in my stomach with his absence, I'm really okay with it on a rational level.

So now I have a little time to just relax. And what's the first thing I do with it? Uninterupted vegging out time, on the computer with a little "spider solitaire." Ahh, the little luxuries of life!

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