Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Diabetes Sucks-and a bit of a Rant!

Well, the food is downright plech! I don't mind the vegetables, but I'm only supposed to be eating about 2 servings of fruit a day. And no milk and fruit at the same time (bye-bye smoothies). I'm also supposed to have a protein whenever I have milk, starch (which, for me, are my whole grain foods, as I'm not much of a potato or pasta eater), or fruit. Seriously, who wants to choke down a hard boiled egg or a serving of cottage cheese each time you want to have some fruit or some steel cut oats. I know there is a learning curve and with some time I will be able to get a little more creative, but so far this is booooooooor-ing!

Thank goodness for soy products, because I'm not much of a meat eater. And then on top of everything, I do believe that meat and dairy products are huge contributers to cancer. Just read some of Roger Mason's articles at Click on "Article Library" for a full listing. He believes that the doctors who put you on insulin medications are quacks and that the only real way for anyone to "cure" their diabetes (provided they have a working pancreas) is to give up high fat (animal fats), high protein (animal proteins), high sugar diets, eliminating meat and dairy altogether and go back to a diet of predominantly whole grains and vegetables. Of course he also says you have to balance out your hormones, all of them, and get all the other nutrients and supplements that start to decrease as we age. I believe him. I think it's eating all that meat, dairy and sugar that gets you in trouble with type 2 diabetes in the first place. Oh, and's essential in controlling blood sugar.

My own compromise is that I try to substitute soy meats for real meat, when I can. I try to buy organic meats that aren't treated with hormones and antibiotics, when I can. And I ALWAYS buy organic milk. Probably not good enough, but that's what I normally do.

Also, regarding Roger Mason: He has a unique perspective. He's not a dietician, nutritionist or medical doctor. His background is in chemistry. So when he tells you that "nightshade" vegetables (tomatos, potatos, peppers, eggplant, etc) are bad for you, it's not because they're not "nutritionally" good, it's because there are NEUROTOXINS in them. When he says Canola Oil is bad for you, it's because there's no such thing as a "canola"'s RAPESEED oil, which was originally used industrially...It is toxic over 2% concentrations and in order to sell it for human consumption, it's processed in concentrations lower than 2%...but it's still toxic erucic acid!!! At any levels. Do YOU trust the FDA when they tell you something that is toxic is okay at specific low levels? I don't. Why is there so much alzheimers? Why is there so much Autism? Why is there so much cancer? I think it's an accumulation of all the environmental poisons, combined with all the "low level" poisons that we ingest on a daily basis. Check out some of his articles and then research what he says...make your own decisions, but be informed.

He also scrutinizes research literature. You will not find him listed on websites like, but you will find some of the people that he exposes like Dr. Andrew Weil and Robert Atkins. As a matter of fact, he exposes a lot of people, practices and products that are absolutely bogus and have absolutely no legitimate research behind them.

Anyway, this gestational diabetes sucks and I keep reminding myself that it's for the good of these two babies. I would like to revamp my eating after this pregnancy and bump up the grains and vegies and start eliminating the meats and dairy, so that I don't get Type II diabetes later on.

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