Friday, April 28, 2006

How to Handle a Temper Tantrum

The "experts" will advise you to employ techniques such as:

1. Remain Calm
2. Ignore the Tantrum
3. Avoid Trying to Reason
4. Speak Softly
5. Express Empathy

I, on the other hand, can offer you far more effective means for dealing with one of the most frustrating aspects of parenting a toddler.

1. Plug Your Ears
While, at first, this may seem immature, you will be quick to appreciate its effectiveness. An enhancement to this technique is humming. Combined, you will find these two steps create a synergistic effect. If this is still insufficient...

2. Close Your Eyes
Closing your eyes, in addition to plugging your ears, can often be misleading enough to make you think the tantrum has stopped. Do not be fooled by this. Peek every now and then before resuming full sensory intake. If your child persists with the tantrum, distract him long enough to...

3. Run Away
A closet or a bathroom works well. Don't forget that in order for this method to help, you must be very quiet. I have celebrated great successes combining these first three methods in tandem. If you have not regained your sanity by this point...

4. Give In
Hey, why fight it? After all, stress kills.


Daycia said...

LOL...I like to run away too :) Then they look around wondering where their audience went. It seems to work until they find where you're hiding.

Mom said...

I couldn't help but remember back when you were little. Some things just don't change. You did the same thing when you didn't want to hear what I had to say. But hiding under the bed never worked... any of the times you hid there. (feet stuck out) And while humming, I was able to locate you. Don't hum and hide. They don't work together.
Love you