Tuesday, May 02, 2006

He Looks Up at Me

When he's looking at me, I mean really looking at me, I feel so transparent. He forces me to be true and strong. He forces meaning into what had previously been just words. I measure my worth by his happiness. I am the hopeful jester, vying for his smiles, coveting his laughter. His gaze paralyzes me. That smile, it cripples me. There is a lump in my throat and joy in my heart. There are no words.


Mom said...

I promise you that 42 years from now, you'll feel the same, no matter what. And, if you think you are hit hard by the love you have for him now, imagine how great it will be after 42 years of growing.
I love you,

Daycia said...

Wow! I love your blogs! PS That's a really cool picture...especially since I know you took it yourself :)


Anita said...

How do you post your pictures?