Saturday, April 08, 2006

"I already picked that up," I say as I pick up the flash cards from the floor again. No one is listening. He is already focused on something else, dumping out the Legos I just picked up. "I thought you were done with those," I say as he is tossing them across the room. He runs off to gather cheerios that the dog has just knocked over from the counter, where he stashed them. He is too late and gives out a shriek. "Nana! Nana!" he screams. I peel a banana for him and he furiously shakes his head from left to right, letting me know that he did not want a banana, he just wanted to yell for a banana in his most demanding tone. Just practicing. I return to folding the laundry. I'm almost done with this load. He runs over to me and gives me a kiss. Then he starts yanking on the clothes I've just folded, pulling them to the floor. "I already folded those," I say as I pick the clothes up from off the floor. No one is listening.


Anonymous said...

wow. I'm not sure whether to smile or cry. I guess, if life is truly "a box of chocolates," you've picked one heck of a sinfully sweet, power-packed, carrot-topped morsel.

Dad said...

You are wonderful. Just like your Mom!
Tell carrot top I love him!