Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Conversations with my Son

Conversation #1
Me: "Max, do you like going for a walk with mommy?"
Max: "Yeah"
Me: "Did you like breakfast?"
Max: "Yeah"
Me: "Do you like talking to mommy?"
Max: "Yeah" which point I decide to throw in a validity check...
Me: "Do you want mommy to throw away all your toys?"
Max: "Yeah"
...end of conversation...

Conversation #2
Me: "Max, mommy doesn't like it when you throw the remote on the floor. It's going to break."
Max: "Sorry"
Me: "Did you just say sorry?" (astonished)
Max: "Yeah"
Me: "Are you sorry?"
Max: "Yeah" (as he raises the remote over his head , preparing to throw it again)
...end of conversation...

Conversation #3
...a woman walks by the house, pushing a stroller...
...the dog starts barking...
Morgan (the dog): "Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, rufff, ruffff ruff, ruf, rufff, ruff.!"

Me: "Morgan!!!! No bark!!!!!"
Max: Ru, ru, ru, ru, ru!!"
Me: "Max!!! No bark!!!!"
...end of conversation...


Daycia said...

Your blogs are great! They are always so funny and true to life!

Anita said...


We do the validity test with conor too. And he usually just says yeah. "Conor, can you make the coffee?" "yeah."

Anonymous said...

Laughed. History repeating itself.
Love you,