Monday, April 17, 2006

Moments of these past few days flash inside my mind the way a strobe light pulses away in a tacky lounge. I hear my husbands words "OHMYGOD!" I see the blood pour from Max's forehead. I tear a muscle in my leg trying to get to them. I hear my baby screaming. Moments that string together the events of a day gone wrong. Our first trip to the emergency room. Watching my baby almost pass out from exhaustion in the middle of them fixing his little wound. Happy it was a clean gash. Trying to hold my composure for him. Waves of relief when he molds his small body to mine and clings tightly as we are leaving.

Maybe now we can get on with our weekend. Or maybe not. How about a cut on his toe, then a clip to his nose with more blood. Falling off a chair and a cold to top things off make our Easter weekend complete. Thank goodness for good company and good food in between events. We may consider a helmet and mittens in the future.

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