Thursday, February 26, 2009

This One and That One

Recently, another mom of twins asked me if I called my girls "this one" and "that one." I thought about it for a minute, reflecting back on when they were in utero and I called them Thing One and Thing Two or Baby A and Baby B. As far as nick-names are concerned, my husband and son have started calling our girls "Professor Lauren" and Brookie-Sue." We also call them little "chickens." I couldn't think of any instances when I had called them "this one" or "that one." Then, today, it happened. Not only did I call them "this one" and "that one," but I also refer to them as "the other one."

Me: "Max, can you get me a diaper for this one?"
Max: (bringing back two diapers)
Me: "I didn't need a diaper for the other one."
Max: "Which one?"
Me: "That one (as I point to the baby who doesn't need diapering).

So there was my moment of recognition..."OMYGOD, I call them THIS ONE and THAT ONE!"
How tacky.

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