Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Professor Lauren

My girl Lauren is in the 100th percentile for her height and weight. When you pick her up, she is quite substantial to hold. Despite her size, she has a very feminine personality. She has shown a lot of interest in studying her long, slender fingers, undulating them in the air, staring at them intently...as if trying to understand how they work.

She's definitely a "mommy's girl" and is not very happy when I'm absent. It's easy to get a sense of depth, when you gaze into her eyes, which she can do for lengthy periods. People often comment that she is "so serious," when they fail to make her laugh easily. I don't think they notice how intensely they're being evaluated by her, as she fails to respond to their antics and, instead, studies the details of their face. She scares easily and she cries easily.

Lauren is also a thief. She steals everything and anything from her sister. Even if she already has the same item in her hand, she will reach over and take Brooke's away from her, much to Brooke's well displayed dismay!

Lauren is not the squeaky wheel. If I chose a single word to describe her temperament, it would be "chill," because that's how laid back she is. She's content just to hang out, most of the time and does not get into a lot of trouble...so far. She loves to vocalize and practices "bah bah bah..." and "mah mah mah."

She loves laying underneath the electronic birdy mobil, holding the remote control and making it go off and on. She flaps her arms and rocks back and forth with absolute joy when I present her with the Gymbo the Clown puppet.

She's a sweet, sensitive soul...my little Professor Lauren.

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