Friday, February 13, 2009

Can't Sleep, Must Blog

I've been feeling so guilty about not blogging lately. Even more so, for not journaling about my baby girls...and Max. When Max was around 4 months old, I had started a journal about him. I journaled for two reasons. First, because I needed an outlet to express all my feelings and experiences as a new mother and second, because I wanted him to have a record of himself and to someday know how much he was loved and cherished.

From there, I created a blog, being careful not to clutter it up with any other subject but him. I turned the blog into books, so that if the blog ever ceased to exist, I would have a record of it. I used and couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Anyway, my days are full of thoughts about record keeping, blogging, filling out baby books, etc., but the reality is, I just never seem to fit any of it in. It is so overwhelming to take care of two infants and a 4 year old, pretty much all by myself, on a daily basis. A lot of things get redistributed to the bottom of the priority list, almost on an hourly basis. This being said, I'll be darned if I let this time slip away without making a record of it for my children.

So it is with renewed vigor, that I plan to get my butt back in gear. And now, at 3:22am, I will try to go back to sleep, having purged my guilt.

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