Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Scott told Max,"I said "ship!" Max wasn't buying the story. After Scott and I exchanged wide-eyed glances, we went back to looking at the computer screen. Moments later, Max exlaimed "shit, SHIT, s-h-i-t, ShIt, sHiT, shit, SHIT," etc., etc.

I suppose a more appropriate reaction, as a parent, would have been to correct him for using the word. Instead, we both started laughing (silently, of course). I had to turn my head so that he didn't see that I was busting up. As Max continued to try that word on, for size, I ran for the camcorder. Again, maybe not the most appropriate reaction, but I'm sure it will be cherished in years to come. I haven't looked at the footage yet, to make sure I actually caught my little lyricist, cussing like a sailor. He did look back at me and stopped when he realized I was filming him.

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Bauniculla said...

I have to share my Max Moment.....
We were having lunch and Disneyland and Max pointed to the kiwi half in front of him and asked what it was. Mom replied it was kiwi, I told him it was a monkey ball. Mom shot me a dirty look. I shrugged. A little while later, Mom had removed the kiwi from his plate and Max had noticed its absence. "Where is the monkey ball!?" he exclaimed. I had to "correct" him(ME) and told him that Mom had taken the KIWI away. I don't think he knew I meant testicle, but it was still my bad!