Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Wisdom of Men-5 Days Left

Today was the last appointment with my OB/Gyn until my surgery next Tuesday. He checked my amniotic fluid and made sure everything looked good on his prehistoric ultrasound machine.

Then we discussed all my current "symptoms." I don't have a bladder infection, even though it feels like it. That's good. Feeling like it is still bad though. He said the babies are pressing on it. Nothing we can do about that.

The fluid in my lungs: Nothing we can do about that either. I've already gone through two rounds of steroid and antibiotics. It's probably just a factor of all the liquid/fluid/mucous that's a normal part of pregnancy.

My edema: Looks the same in my feet and legs, but he did comment on the pedicure I got yesterday afternoon. In my belly, the same too. He did manage to focus on the most painful areas to do his ultrasound, so by the time he was finished I wanted to slap him.

I have lost 4 pounds since my last visit with him, which was one or two weeks ago. I can't remember right now and I'm too lazy to look it up and be accurate. In any case, he thought it was probably from further cutting out sodium from my diet. I don't know. Wouldn't my edema have improved? Oh well.

The PUPPP rash: It continues to get worse. My back is completely covered in itchy bumps. His explanation for why I can't have the prescription strength hydrocortisone cream was..."I think you would bathe in the stuff, if I gave it to you" and "I would give it to you if it was just isolated areas, here and there, but the rash is too widespread for that kind of application." So basically, my rash is too BAD for treatment. If is wasn't nearly so severe, he would treat it???????? The wisdom of men never fails to amuse me.


Nana Nancy said...

Have you checked his credentials?

Anita said...

That is just stupid. The steroids aren't going to do anything to the babies.