Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Thanks for All the Support-7 Days Left

I just wanted to say thanks to all the supportive people that have kept me hanging on all this time, with their uplifting words and their shoulders to lean on. I've been so lucky with nurses, blog readers, mom's club members, family members, friends and the occasional stranger, being so supportive and it's helped a lot.

With such a difficult pregnancy, I have complained a LOT. And there have been many ears to listen. And not just listen, but to remind me that there is going to be a joyous payoff at the end. And to all you kind listeners who reminded me that it was not self indulgent to wallow in my pregnancy misery, but validated just how tough this really is, you knew how to comfort me when I really needed to hear those words.

I have also had much appreciation for those people who have constantly reminded me that having these twins is a true blessing...and one that they are confident I can handle. It's priceless to have people in your life who point out how competent you will be at something, rather than what a rough road you are going to face and how tough it's going to be. The mothers in my "mothers of multiples group" have been especially supportive in this way.

Another insecurity I've had is how my boy Max is going to handle all this. So another thanks goes to those who have persisted in letting me know that he will be just fine and that I am adding richness to his life by increasing our family and not taking anything away from him.

These things have been priceless to me and these have been the words that have kept me going through this most difficult endeavor.
Much love to all of you,

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I would love a countdown every day until delivery date to see how you are doing!!