Friday, July 04, 2008

Just Kickin Back-4 Days Left

A very uneventful 4th of July today. We did nothing to celebrate. Scott worked and I spent the day hanging out with Max and my Mother-in-Law. It was really nice.

After showing me the newest batch of clothing she picked up for the girls, she unloaded almost all the stuff I had left on my baby registry too...lots of Born Free bottles, a travel wipe warmer, some formula canister/carriers, the cutests diaper bag ever and plenty of other miscellaneous items! This woman spoils me to no end!

We also discovered that I had NOT packed up a sufficient diaper bag, as I thought I had, so she helped me with that too. That was fun, because I got to load up the new diaper bag with some clothing and swaddling blankets for the ride home, some really cute, teeny-weeny diapers and whatever else a diaper bag would need.

So today was really relaxing for me and it was nice to just lay low, with some good company.

Nothing new to report on the baby-front. Everything's holding steady.

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