Saturday, February 04, 2012

Little Girls World

I love to sit, like a fly on the wall, and listen to my little girls play. They sing together, they dance together and they play together. They like to stand in front of the mirror and sing songs. Brooke is telling Lauren, "okay, you're Elmo," as they break into the Elmo's World chorus. Both of them have arms outstretched and they're rocking from side to side. Then Lauren starts to sing the song from Sleeping Beauty, "Once Upon a Dream," while forcibly taking Brooke by the hand to partake in some simplified version of a waltz.

Just a little while ago, they were sitting in their room, playing house. Apparently, they were playing the royal version of house. Princesses, princes (mostly Disney versions) and some Hello Kitty characters. I could hear Lauren saying, "I'm the baby!" Then, she says to Lauren, in her most baby like voice (not a far cry from her regular voice, only more dramatic) "mommy!" "Mommy, I want my bottle!" I hear Lauren oblige by offering her who knows what. "Here you go sweetheart!" The sweetness is overwhelming. It's just nice to hear them playing without crying and shrieking over who has which characters. It won't be long though.

I'm amazed at the duration of the conversations, considering that they're both somewhat speech delayed. They seem to understand each other consistently, in a way that I have yet to master. Sometimes they sing their own made-up songs, together, with words that I don't understand and yet, they sing it as though they had first rehearsed their lines.

There is a symbiotic harmony between them. Quick to explode and quick to forgive. Negotiating over things constantly. They have worked out their pecking order. All things pink are automatically Lauren's and all things blue default to Brooke. I admire their ability to work together. At least until I walk in the room, to find one of them sitting on the other, who is hollering for her sister to "get off!"

They create their own world, sometimes, and I just feel privileged to be a part of it.

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I can't believe how big they are getting. I shouldn't be surprised as Leah is getting big too, but I still can't believe it.