Sunday, June 10, 2007

No Way Man!

I wish I could remember what these poncho'ish pullovers were called. Remember these from the 70's? They had a hood and in the front, a pocket that went from one side to the other? They were really popular with surfers where I grew up, in Santa Monica. Max's grandmother "Nana" got this one for him. It's Old Navy. I love it so much. I just wish I could get my hands on one for myself.

I suppose with his pullover and his puka shells and that long scraggly hair, he does look like a little kid from the 70's.

Not only that, but several weeks ago, out of the blue, Max said "cool!" I stopped in my tracks, wondering where he had heard that from. Max's dad finally claimed it. This morning, I asked Max to get out of the pool and he said, "no way man!"...hmmm...where did THAT one come from? Me? Then, later today, I was talking to him and I said "dude!!" and he looked at me and he said "dude!!" Busted!!! Too weird.


maureen said...

He is just adorable - looks as though he has that 'carefree' attitude to go with the 'carefree' outfit!!

Daycia said...