Thursday, June 28, 2007

Beautiful Day

I took Max to the Huntington yesterday, where I had not been in years and he has never been. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I want to go back again soon.

They have a new children's garden that I had never seen. There were so many "hands on" things for Max to explore. There were fountains of all shapes and sizes and the kids were allowed to stick their hands in and touch them. There was a misting area and another area where there was fog. There was a kind of musical instrument where you pick up a handful of rocks and drop them through it and it made the most beautiful musical rain.

There was a rainbow tunnel that showed rainbows inside of it by breaking up sunlight with prisms. There were mounds to climb and paths to follow and a very cute little tea room, all covered in vines. It was a very nice addition.

We also went into the tropical rainforest exhibit and Max kept saying "animal jungle," which is what he calls the
Rainforest Cafe...his favorite restaurant.

Then we had some lunch while Max chased "yucky bees" (which is worthy of a separate blog entry). Afterwards, we went for a walk to look at the Japanese Garden. It was gorgeous. This photo is standing at the top of the stairway that leads down into the garden.After that, and a poopie diaper, we strolled over to a lovely shaded area, under a giant weeping tree, where I laid out a blanket. Max collected sticks and I laid on my back looking up through the tree. I could have fallen asleep. After trying to entice me to, yet another sword fight, we played catch with a ball I brought and then ran through some sprinklers. When that got old, as things quickly do when you are only 3, we played with some small animal figurines.

Our day was so relaxing and full of beauty, that I didn't even mind the two hour drive, sitting in traffic, to get back home.

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Daycia said...

WoW! How beautiful and it sounds like fun for the kids too! Where is this?