Monday, June 19, 2006

Secure with his Manhood.

While watching Max play with some other children at a party today, I learned the following things:

If you take something away from him, he'll hit you.
If you have something he wants, he will take it, and he may still hit you.
If there is a light sabre or baseball bat in the room, he will find it and bash you with it.
His scream is louder than most.
Chalk tastes good.
Sand must be redistributed from the sandbox to other parts of the yard.
He is secure enough with his manhood to play with dolls.
Sometimes he laughs insincerely and it sounds very phoney.
He likes to be where the action is.
Eating Doritos can give you a clown-ish mouth, resembling the Joker from Batman.
Breaking for milk is a must, but food is a waste of time.


Daycia said...

LOL..I think Micah's scream is pretty loud too :) We should know. We get a round of applause sometimes.

Nancy said...

It's always easy to find you two when we get separated - just listen for the Max!

Mom said...

He is your son! Not always plucking the finest from you. But perfection nonetheless!