Friday, January 22, 2010

If You Were a Fly on the Wall

If you were a fly on the wall, at my house...

Lauren: (walks in the living room with an empty bathroom wipes box).
Me: "Box! You have a box!"
Lauren: (hands the box to me).
Me: (looking around for a toy to put in the box for her...seeing a small figurine of Woody from the Disney/Pixar movie Toy Story laying on the floor) "Here's a Woody for your box!" (realizing what I've just said to my 1 1/2 year old daughter, looking around sheepishly to see if anyone noticed).

Max is learning to read, therefore sounding out various words throughout the day. My husband overhears him in the bathroom...
Max: "T"..."A"..."M"..."P"..."O"..."N"...

Me: (scratching my leg...something my husband always tells me to stop)
Max: "Stop scratching!"
Me: "Why?"
Max: "When Daddy's not here, I'm the boss!"

Max and I were laying on the bed, watching some television and he takes both hands and starts shaking my stomache...
Me: "You know, mommy used to have a skinny, flat belly."
Max: "I like your squishy belly. I don't want you to have a skinny belly."

Max was watching the cartoon "Happily Never After," and the main villain, a woman, was wearing a very clingy outfit. His face lights up and he shouts out: "BOOBS!" father, like son.

Recently, I assigned the "Baby Got Back" song as a ringtone for someone on my cellphone. I've also been singing it to the kids to make them laugh. This morning, Max was absentmindedly singing it himself:
Max: "I like big, fat butts!!! Big, fat, squishy butts! I can't lie!"....sigh.

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Leslie said...

I love that you catch these little things that are said, or happen in your life. I always swore I should have a pad of paper and pencil around my neck to catch these cute moments, but alas I only remember a few because they weren't written down.

Here's one I do remember:
Markie was running around shooting his gun (imaginary or water pistol) at his brothers or friends.
Me: Markie don't point the gun at anyone.
Markie: I'm being a cowboy
Me: Cowboys shoot the guns in the air to get the cows to go the right direction. So shoot your gun in the air cowboy.
Dad: What you doing son?
Markie: I'm making the cows go through the right exit.