Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'd Like to Retire the Diapers Now!

I really don't mind that Max still needs to sleep in a diaper. Not nearly so much as I wish he'd stop requesting them to poop in. He will not even TRY to poop on the toilet. It's non negotiable. When he needs to poop, he comes into the room and announces "I need a diaper." Sometimes, he has already retrieved one and hands it to you to put onto him. Obviously, he recognizes that he needs to poop. I had always thought that was half the battle. If it is, then what's the other half? I think the next size up from what he's wearing now is a "Depends."

Sometimes he's been asking to see MY poop or my husband's (or yours too, if you happen to come over to our house and disappear into the bathroom). He says "I need to see that poop!" Then, when you let him look in the bowl, he confidently replies "I know!" We go through this same ritual when he asks to see the poop in his own diaper. I don't know what it means, but I'm hoping this is also a step towards potty pooping.

I have already packed away the little potty that he used to use when he started peeing in a potty. I wonder if I should get that back out. Maybe the "big" potty is still too intimidating. I never really wanted him poop in that potty because I didn't really want to have to clean it out. I figured if he was peeing in the big potty, he would automatically transition to pooping in it too. So far, no good. I guess I better start working on it again.

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