Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Relax Mommy"

So, yesterday, Max and I were leaving the mall from a rather fruitful shopping day at the Disney Store. I had three very large bags of merchandise that I was trying to stuff into my little Honda.

Meanwhile, Max decided he would like to enter the car from the front, passenger door. I was hollering for him to "shut that door" and "come back over here," because a mall is never a safe place for a three year old to be lurking, in and out of cars in the parking lot. Max always enters the car from the back driver's side, so I can get him secured in his car seat.

Well, he runs back over to the proper entry point, where I am standing, continuing to stuff bags into the car, but forgets to shut the front passenger door. I say "Max! Why didn't you shut that door?!" and he starts to run back over to shut it, which of course is not what I want him to do at that point. So now I'm hollering for him to "get back over here!"..."leave that door alone!"...because I still don't want him running around the car, only to be missed by some negligent driver, whipping around the parking lot.

To that he runs back over to where I am standing and puts his little hands on his hips and says "RELAX MOMMY!"

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