Friday, February 16, 2007

Who Says You Can't Use Desitin as Hand & Body Lotion?

I cannot count the number of times in a day that Max manages to make a huge mess or get into some mischief. I feel like a slapstick fire-fighter running around with my hose all day, putting out "fires." While I took a phone call this morning, he managed to drag an end table to our kitchen counter so that he could climb up to it. Once he got up there, he knocked all the mail onto the floor and dropped a package of chocolate covered almonds. Well, the dogs ate the chocolate and if you know anything about dogs and chocolate, you know that it's a very bad thing. So I called my dad's veterinary clinic and got instructions to induce vomiting. After pouring peroxide down both dogs throats, I waited for them to throw up, outside. Only Fred, the mini dachsund actually threw up, thank goodness, because he is a very small dog. Anyway, even though Morgan never tossed her cookies (or chocolates in this case), they are both alive and kicking and have survived. Max filled the empty chocolate package with some Cheetos he found up there and took them into the bedroom, where my husband was sleeping. Then he got his little, cheesy fingers all over our 420 thread count, white sheets. Later in the day, in no particular order, Max also managed the following:
  • Brought dirt clods into the house that he retrieved while going in and out of the doggy-door.
  • Pulled out a bunch of my dvds (through the slotted cabinet) and opened them up, removing all the dvds and got gooey handprints all over them.
  • Took his diaper off and got poop all over the place while trying to wipe himself with the wipes.
  • Squeezed AstroGlide, yes, the lube (I use it to make taking his temperature the old fashioned way a little easier when he's really sick-it's way better than vaseline) all over the carpet in his bedroom.
  • Poured sand in the dog's water bowl.
  • Knocked a whole bowl of macaroni & cheese onto the carpet.
  • Drew with a crayon on the monitor.
So in the big-picture-scheme-of-things...using Desitin as a body lotion just isn't a big deal.

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Daycia said...

LOL...this reminds me of the day you asked if I put gel in Micah's hair...and I told you "No, Blistex" They always seem to find something to make a mess of, don't they?