Monday, January 08, 2007

Our First Fight

I've recently experienced my first fight with Max. We were gardening in the front yard when some visitors of our next door neighbor showed up...with children. Max doesn't understand that he can't just join any ole' family, just because they have kids. So as he tried to follow them, I had to retrieve him. He was not happy at all. Because he would not stay nearby and kept trying to take off after them, I told him he was having a little "bedroom time." Bringing him indoors proved to be an unforgivable sin, in his eyes. I put him in his room and I could hear him screaming, crying and chewing me out the whole time. After several minutes I asked him if he was ready to come out and he yelled back at me, "no mommy, go way!!!"" and continued to chew me out. He was ranting and raving and although I could not decipher his words, I was quite attuned to their meaning. I asked several more times and he answered the same way. I had never seen him react so strongly before. I sat outside his bedroom door, waiting for him to quiet down and let me know he was ready to come out. I tried to open the door, but from the other side he was shutting it on me. He's a strong boy, so I couldn't get in easily. I knew his bedroom blinds were open, so I went outside and looked into his room, smiling and waving. When he saw me, he instantly burst into tears again and chewed me out some more. It was horrible. After a little more cooling down time, I forced my way into his room and started reading books. He softened up a bit and came over to look at the pages as I turned them. I tried to hug him, but he pushed me away, clearly still mad. At that point I left his room and prepared some macaroni and cheese for him. After he ate, all seemed well again. Max has very recently been exercising his right to say "no." He has his own ideas about what he wants to do now and doesn't hesitate to let me know they're not the same as mine. It's strange to see such a young little man with arms crossed, head hung low and scowling with a big fat pouty lip. I better hang on tight, I'm sure it's going to be a bumpy ride.


Somalia Houston said...

Okay, you had me bursting with laughter as usual on this one Kathy. Especially the peaking through the window part. I too am the mommy of a 2 year old with enough attitude to fill Dodger Stadium!! So I feel all that you are experiencing & I too am in awe of the wonderful little beings they are. And we are part of an ELITE group of warriors called THE MOMMY's and YOU are even MORE ELITE as a stay at home mom!! Wear your battle scars proudly I DO!!!!

Piratewench said...

Hey Somalia! I bet you have some fun stories to tell too! Send me a link if you ever start your own blog!

Somalia said...

Okay I will, heck with work & another career starting too! I barely can watch a 30 minute Tivo program! But I will share something soon!! You have the BEST writing style I LOVE it keep it up. It lets me know I am NOT crazy LOL!!! Or better yet that Genai is NOT crazy just a normal 2 yr old LOL