Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Worst Mother in the World

I know that we all feel like the worst mother in the world every once in a while. I certainly felt like it this morning, when through clenched teeth I uttered, "you're pissing me off," to my wildly active two year old. I was trying to do something I almost never do, put some makeup on. I was standing in front of the mirrored closet door. He was banging on the doors, making them shake and bow. He was yelling out loud, nothing in particular. I moved from one of the doors to the other and he began banging on that one as well.

Some days I feel like I do nothing more than do battle with an opponent with whom I'm no match for. I get so worn down from the constant confrontation and exertion of wills, both his and mine. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. I never knew how much mental and emotional energy would be required of me.

The pay off for all of this is worth it though. There are times when he says "tank ewe momma" (thank you mamma), a phrase I recognize more by it's tone than it's content. Other times when he gives me an unsolicited hug and sighs "awwwww," while he pats my back.

What I really need is an energy drink that works and to bite my tongue, rather than express how "pissed off" I am.

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Mom said...

Welcome to the real world of parenting. When time takes the romance out of having the "baby" and we then have to guide another human being with a will of their own, well, let the game begin. It will then and forever more become a battle of the wills. Yes, it is worth it. You may be lucky enough to raise someone much like yourself.