Monday, September 11, 2006

He's Making That Face

He's making that face that I hate. His father makes it. I'm told his grandfather makes it. I hate this face. I can't think of a dummer look than when your tongue is sticking out and up, as if you're trying to touch your nose with it. I'm hoping that this is really nothing more than a coincidence. He's just licking the cake off of his lips. Well, this was taken at his second birthday party. I've been remiss in writing because I've been feeling literarily (is that a word?) uninspired...not to be confused with feeling uninspired about my boy, which I never am. These past two years have been the greatest gift of my life. I could ooze and gush all the love I feel for this child and it would never come close to doing justice. I hope that Max knows how deeply he's loved.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's just a act of consentration. He is genetically disposed to stick out his tongue when he is deep in thought. He does it, I do it, my dad does it.

Max's dad.