Thursday, August 03, 2006

Would you like Ketchup with that?

I usually have to sneak away to get on the computer to check my email. Today was no different. I really think I'm smooth when I get away with it and actually have 5 or 10 minutes to take my time. I should have mistrusted the silence. Should have known something was going on. In my ignorant state of denial and self-indulgence, I should have listened to my inner voice that said..."Max is up to something!"

So, when he finally approached me from behind, as I sat at the desk, I suggested he go play with the doggie, without looking at him. He was asking me to read a book to him. Then he shoved it in my lap. I felt it and smelled it before I actually saw it. It was covered with ketchup. Then I looked at Max. He was covered in ketchup. I scooped him up and took him to the bathroom to wash him off. Then I recon'd the rest of the house...first discovering the ketchup mural on the wall. Then I located the ketchup smeared all over the coffee table. Then the sofa. Thank god for Oxyclean. It got all the ketchup stains out. So next time someone asks me "would you like ketchup with that?"'s going to be an emphatic "NO!"

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Mom said...

So where is the picture? I'd pay big bucks to see that visual.